Aaron Judge was thrilled with the Yankees trade Andrew Benintende

Sting from 0 vs 5 nights and Defeat the subway series It has been somewhat reduced for Aaron Judge by news of the more recent Yankees acquisition.

The judge was extravagant in his praise after the Yankees relegated the All-Star Andrew Benintende of the Kansas City Royals versus three junior bowlers in the league.

“He’s a really good player,” the judge, who is stranded with five riders and has beaten three times against the Mets, said of Benintende. “I had the opportunity to play against him for a number of years when he was playing in Boston. I saw a lot of great things. … He would definitely be a great piece for what we got here.”

Benintendi played for the Red Sox from 2016 to 2020 and was a member of the 2018 World Series that defeated the Yankees in four games at ALDS.

After a rare out-of-game match in which the MVP nominee cut five base riders and hit them three times, it was amazing how the judge put all smiles on at the visitors club.
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For Judge, the left-handed player’s dependable bat is the most unique.

“Hitting skills, speed, always work well at bat, and then, if you’re not too careful, he can leave the arena on you. I’ve seen that many times at Yankee Stadium,” the judge said. “He is just a good player, that’s for sure.” .”

Benintendi is having an outstanding season in Kansas City, boasting a slash line of .320/.387/.432 over 93 games. While his strength and coming off the bat leave much to be desired – the 28-year-old has three home runs and a career-low 4.4% barrel rate – the elite athletic skills of the Benintende and will help balance the Yankees. Heavy strength assortment.

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Benintendi is currently in the best season of his career in Kansas City, boasting a slash of .320/.387/.432 over 93 games.
Benintendi is currently in the best season of his career in Kansas City, boasting a slash of .320/.387/.432 over 93 games.
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The addition of Benintende is a much-needed boost for the Yankees, who struggled in July after dominating the first part of the season at the top of the AL East. Their 3-2 loss to the Mets on Wednesday was their 10th defeat in 15 games.

“I think adding a guy like that would definitely give us a little boost,” Judge said. “I think it would fit in perfectly.”

The move is the Yankees’ first big boost in MLB trade deadline week, although it probably isn’t the last. The club also set its sights on other team builders, such as novice shooters Frankie Montas and Luis Castillo.

As for Benintende, it will likely come his first time wearing the pinstripes against a familiar opponent – the Royals and the Yankees start their four-game streak on Thursday at Yankee Stadium.

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