A polonaise at the end of the world. Złombol 2022 has started. Rally from Sorso to Albania with cars of the People’s Republic of Poland. Pictures

Little children, polonaises, mermaids… we love them, even if it’s a little bitter at times. A charity rally has started from the Silesian Stadium. Participants will travel all the way to Albania with their “scrap metal”. We found real gems in them.

On September 3, there was a real crowd near the Silesian Stadium. A large number of teenagers came to witness the colorful parade of cars from the People’s Republic of Poland. A former owner of a toddler (or other car) does not have a fast heartbeat. The participants plan to visit Albania on September 6.

Many people are participating in this particular rally every year. Along the way, they face a considerable number of adversities. Despite its shortcomings, the PRL motorization had one big advantage – it was very simple, a lot of repairs were done by yourself. It also happens more than once on the Złombola route. The participants have a lot of adventures. They don’t have to travel in luxurious (and air-conditioned) conditions. However, it is important to have fun.

– It will be a tough version as it crosses many mountain ranges in summer temperatures. Who, knows – informs Złombol.

Złombol has crossed Albania more than once, but this is the first time it has become a target.

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