A large larva with a “human face”. Pictures are thrilling – o2

Photos showing unusual moth larvae circulated online in early October. Reddit user “3rdparty” posted three photos showing a monstrous caterpillar. The entry quickly collected 17,000. votes.

In the published photos, you can see the larvae of the moth living in tropical forests south of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. The larval stage insect uses camouflage to scare away potential predators.

The photo of the caterpillar sent shockwaves through internet users. “Of course he lives in Australia.”

The caterpillar in the photo has large black “eyes” on its head. Its camouflage is characterized by white tooth-like patterns. In times of danger, the larva raises its head to scare off an animal that is trying to attack it. At that time the hind legs should also be danced.

Practitioners really liked pictures of larvae with “human faces”. He was immediately compared to the child of the xenomorph, a fictional extraterrestrial life form from the Alien film series. Internet users began comparing the caterpillar to other monsters in horror films.

Of course she lives in Australia. “If I had been told that dinosaurs still lived there, I would have believed it without a problem,” one commenter wrote.

The terrifying larva lives in the rainforest. It feeds on a poisonous plant

Larvae of moths of the species Pylotes imperialis Smithersi can reach up to 8 cm in length. The caterpillars feed mainly on a plant called Caronia multicephalia, a rare Australian grape that contains alkaloids that are toxic to many animals.

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