12 people were injured after a carousel accident at a fair in Hvar, Czech Republic.

Police found out about the incident at the fair in Hawierzów at 15:15. There was an accident on the chain carousel. Most of the injured were children, police spokesman Rene Czernohorski said.

– We intervene at the scene, five crews and about 12 people were injured. We will determine the extent of the injuries later, regional spokesman for emergency services Lukas Humbl told idnes.cz. His words were confirmed by fire brigade spokesman Peter Kodela.

As described in the Czech media, this is an “extreme” version of the chain carousel. The structure with the seats rose to a height of about 15 m on the central column. By the time it came down, the upper part with the arms and seats broke.

– I estimate that she fell from a height of 15 meters. Dropped in the ticket offices below. They are destroyed. Several had broken legs, an eyewitness told ČTK.

There are policemen from Havierzo and a commissioner from Corvina. – We will determine how the whole situation developed, who is the owner and operator, whether he has and has an occupation permit, who was on site at the time of the accident and operated the carousel, and the technical condition of the premises. The entire installation will be verified. Everything is still under investigation and review, a spokesperson for the Černohorský police told idnes.cz.

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